Completly tailored treatment to suit the needs for your body on the day of treament.
1Hr : Massage
1 hr
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    30-minute treatments $95


    HEADS UP: Neck head and face massage 

    BACK ON TRACK: Back neck and shoulders

    FEET FIRST: Feet with reflexology points

    DETOX: Lymphatic drainage massage 

    CLEAR INTENTIONS: Crystal healing

    ZEN MASTER: Sound bowl meditation

    PACKAGE OF 3 X 30 MINUTES = $225 SAVE $60

    45-minute treatment $140

    Lymphatic Drainage massage

    A light pressure relaxation technique that decrease’s swelling by manually to moving fluid through the tissues that allow it to drain it from the body.

    This technique boosts the immunity system, reduces cellulite and the appearance of stretch marks, fluid retention, promotes healing of injuries reduces stress anxiety and tension, pre and post-surgery to aid in recovery, detoxifies oedema.

    PACKAGE OF 3 X 30 MINUTES = $330 SAVE $90



    60-minute treatments $185


    BLISS: Allow all your senses to completely soften as warm infused essential oil is drizzled along your body before begin gentle and slowly massaged in a soothing hour of bliss for a complete transformation of clearing all your stress.


    HOTBOX: Half an hour of deep tissue massage to target problem areas followed by infrared sauna to sweat it out completely.


    BALANCE: Crystals are placed along your spine to correlate with your energy centres while channelled energy healing is applied to attune, balance and align your chakra’s while calming the mind and bring a sense of balance.



    90-minute treatments $280


    DREAM:  Drift away to the sounds of the Tibetan and crystal bowls, while going through a full visualization meditation. Crystals will then be placed intuitively around your body as you drop even further with some energy healing.



    120-minute treatment $375



    Hot crystals are used to massage around the body in a firmer style relaxation massage to melt away all tension. Followed by a botanical organic facial applied with warm crystals.