30-minute CUSTOM: Flower essences are made for the emotional needs of your body. A card reading to begin with to find what needs to be shifted, your own personalized energy-infused rescue remedy to take home after a couple of drops are placed under your tongue followed by some energy healing.

    30-minute CUSTOM $80


    45-minute REBALANCE: The seven chakra crystals are placed along your spine to correlate with your energy centres while channelled energy healing is applied to attune, rebalance and realign your chakra’s also a wonderful way to ground you completely and get you out of the stresses of your mind.


    45-minute REALIGNMENT $90


    45/60 -minute DETOX: Needing a little help to get things moving through the body?

    A deep healing stomach massage using massage and healing techniques followed by a lymphatic drainage massage targeting problem areas with detoxifying oils of lemongrass, lime and grapefruit. 


     45/60 minute DETOX: $90 /$140

    60 -minute RELAX: Looking for something different than just a massage? How about essential oil and herb-infused warm foot bath, that allows your feet to be soaked, scrubbed and massaged before relaxing on the table with your customized massage experience.


    60 -minute RELAX: $140


    90-minute DREAM: Allow all your senses to completely soften, letting go of all your stresses as you allow yourself to drift away to the sounds of the Tibetan and crystal bowls, while the essential oils are applied to the body using deep relaxation and lymphatic techniques. Crystals will then be placed intuitively in and around your body as you drop even further with some energy healing.


    90-minute DREAM $180


    120-minute INDULGENCE Hot stone crystal massage using heated crystals that are placed on and around the body. These crystals are used to massage around the body in a firmer relaxation experience to melt away all tension, your senses will then be heightened as you enjoy a nourishing infusion of essential oils, plant extract, clays applied with warm rose quartz palm stones in a 

    organic facial.


    120-minute INDULGENCE $260