60-minute treatments $150


MELT: Allow all your senses to completely soften as warm infused essential oil is drizzled along your body before begin gentle and slowly massaged in a soothing hour of bliss for a complete transformation of clearing all your stress.


HOTBOX: Half an hour of deep tissue massage to target problem areas followed by infrared sauna to sweat it out completely.


BALANCE: Crystals are placed along your spine to correlate with your energy centres while channelled energy healing is applied to attune, balance and align your chakra’s while calming the mind and bring a sense of balance.



90-minute treatments $225


Be pampered from head to toe with a combined package of lymphatic drainage massage with lavender patchouli relaxation oil while using heated crystals to gently soothe away tired muscles and manually move excess fluid through the tissues to be released out of the body. Followed by a Gua Sha facial massage using a smooth rose quartz crystal to brighten your complexion dissolving all stress and ready to send you off to blissful heaven a great way to tear off those lazy layers and begin afresh a new.


Drift away to the sounds of the Tibetan and crystal bowls, while going through a full visualization meditation. Crystals will then be placed intuitively around your body as you drop even further with some energy healing.


A soothing gentle lymphatic drainage massage followed by a healing cupping release tummy work to dive deeper & move stubborn fluid, that has been accumulating over the past 6 months!!!

Finish off with your choice of a deeply relaxing head massage with or without oils.

Reflexology, foot & leg massage with hot towels.

Or some much-needed energy healing to lift you up and re' shine you from the inside out.​



120-minute treatment $300



Hot crystals are used to massage around the body in a firmer style relaxation massage to melt away all tension. Followed by a lymphatic gua sha facial applied with warm crystals.

45 min
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