Completly tailored treatment to suit the needs for your body on the day of treament.
1Hr : Massage
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    Crystal Healing: has been used for centuries to release mental physical and spiritual blockages stored within and outside of the body. 

    When a crystal is placed near or on the body there is a powerful energy surge that transmits the frequency of the healing properties within the crystal to your own body. 


    Cupping: Is an ancient form of therapy that has been dated back to the ancient Egyptians times. Cupping helps with deep pain in the body, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and can be used as a deep form of deep tissue massage.


    Energy Healing: Using hands-off or light pressure around the body that is monitored to respond and identify where the imbalance’s lies within your energetic system. Energy healing helps to release blocks, maintains balance and prevent disorders, speeding up physical healing, helps minimizes pain and boosts your overall energy levels. 


    The lymphatic system is the bodies first line of defence against disease and infection, it transports metabolic waste, excess fluid, toxins and bacteria out of the body. This system is a complex network of nodes and vessels that move lymph fluids throughout the body and works as a third circulation. 

    The function of lymphatic drainage is to remove toxins that accumulate between cells, drainage will occur naturally after each massage. A light gentle technique decrease’s swelling and improve’s cellulite appearance while manually moving fluid out of the body



    Natal Pre-post: Provides relaxation by relieving stress on joints, eases neck and back pain, relaxes and provides flexibility to birthing muscles as well as aiding in the circulatory and lymphatic systems which can keep blood flowing to both mother and baby.


    Intuitive Healing: tunes in by connecting all five senses to locate and remove imbalances within the energetic grid and physical system of the body. Sometimes referred as your insight or sixth sense is done by visualization and breath techniques and light pressure to allow a more gentle process of removing built-up blockages within the systems


    Reflexology: Has been practised in China since 2330 BC, the feet are considered to be the map of the entire body, by applying pressure to certain zones on the feet you can pretty much determine which areas of the body are out of balance. These areas correspond with the varies structures and organs throughout the entire body. Reflexology promotes deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, improves blood pressure and circulation helps cellular nutrition removes toxic waste and awaken your parasympathetic nervous system, good for anxiety and depression fear pain and nausea diarrhoea and constipation. 

    Remedial: A holistic treatment with a firmer style of therapy to relieve and help speed up the bodies recovery due to musculoskeletal problems and conditions related to injuries. Muscle tension and spasms can refer pain to other area’s of the body, so remedial massage can encourage your own bodies healing from techniques of deep and soft tissue, trigger point therapy and sports massage, stretching and cross fibre techniques to treat muscle tightness, skeletal dysfunctions, whiplash, arthritis, frozen shoulder, neck and back pain, sports injuries, scoliosis, headaches, sciatica and carpal tunnel and general aches and pains. 


    Shiatsu: Meaning finger pressure works along our energy meridians line’s located around our bodies these lines have vital points that work with our inner powers of balance and healing. Shiatsu can be used for relaxation or to address migraines, back pain, digestive elements, low energy, anxiety, depression, reduces stress, treats physical and emotional conditions. 

    Thai: Developed by the Buddhist monks 2500 years ago using a combination of acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principals and assisted yoga stretches. Gentle pressure is applied along the bodies energy sen lines ( similar to the Chinese meridian lines ) to increase flexibility relieve muscle and joint tension and pain to balance the entire energy systems of the body. Considered by some to be the “lazy man's yoga” Treats tension throughout the body, improves circulation, balances and increases energy, reduces stress, headaches, neck pain, strengthens joints, posture and breathing. Great for relaxation and increases your flexibility. 


      Health   Fund   Accredited

    P r i c e s : 60 - minutes $150 / 90  - minutes $200