A signature fusion of yoga and healing techniques.


    Taught as an open level class that anyone can just join in.


    This yoga fusion brings in knowledge from around the world and from the different traditional practices of Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, and Yang while weaving together a great understanding of yourself through healing practices to bring you a unique class of self-healing movement.


    Creating a firm foundation within yourself while building new strength, awareness, and clarity for your emotional, physical and spiritual bodies and your overall well being.

    So come along and step a little deeper into yourself, learning some new and old techniques through mindful breath, meditation, relaxation, visualization sacred prayer, mantras, healing techniques, and yoga moves.


    Classes are kept small and intimate,

    for more personalized instruction.

    Classes in the 1st month are by donation.
    Then just $30 for this deeply healing transformational movement class for your body mind and spirit.

    Class's start from the 6th of September at 6.30pm & will continue every Friday evening for you to end your week and relax and unwind while recharging you for your "me" time for throughout the weekend.


    1hour yoga class followed by a 30-minute crystal bowl meditation.



    Bring a curious mind and an open heart.


    Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Meditation

    "Sound is the force of creation, the true whole.


    The music then becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness & therefore

    the optimal way to reach this final state of healing."




    --- Hazrat Inayat Khan Indian Sufi master 

    Soul Dreaming



    As you lay down after class, transcend completely as you will experience a deeper level of healing from your healing yoga class.

    Be guided in a full visualization journey with crystal singing bowls to transport you further and to allow you to heighten your state of consciousness while clearing energetic blocks so you can tap into your intuition and higher potential.






    Arrive as you are as all bodies are welcome

    Private yoga 

    Private yoga sessions are a great way to further your own practice, or if you are new to yoga or if you are suffering from acute injuries or you have suffered injuries in the past that have not allowed you to take part in an open exercise class environment or you just love receiving all that extra  attention or perhaps you might be looking for a teacher to have for your own unique experience with your own group of friends or workshops.


    Private yoga sessions can be pretty much be done anywhere, either here at the studio in the gorgeous rooms of Qi Crystals or outside somewhere embracing the elements at the beach or your local park.


    All sessions will be developed for your own body needs.


    A full consultation and body therapy will be done to begin will so I can make a full evaluation of what is happening with your body and tailor a class treatment plan to suit your body needs.


    Private yoga starts from $90 or $110 outside or in the comfort of your own home for a full hour con-biding yoga, meditation and healing techniques within your tailored class.


    The full 1.5-hour consultation, body examination therapy and a detailed yoga sequence for your body needs that will be sent out to you is $190 



    Package #1 

    A combined 1-hour yoga healing mediation followed by a 1-hour massage healing for 2 complete hours $170 


    SAVING OF $30


    Package #2 

    A combined 1.5-hour yoga healing mediation followed by a 1.5-hour massage healing for 3 complete hours $245 


    SAVING OF $50 


    Package #3

    Half-day retreat a combined 1.5-hour yoga healing meditation ( with a vegetarian lunch ) followed by a 1.5-hour massage healing and a half-hour organic facial with Australian botanicals 4 hours of complete bliss $360


    SAVING OF $80





    Nourish your soul