Time to relax, unwind and be well taken care of . . .


Set in a little oasis solace can be found, offers peaceful pampering and top-notch service in an environment that encourages relaxation and comfort.


Guests are encouraged to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to their treatment time, in order to unwind completely in the soothing surrounds.


Healing Rituals is dedicated to offering you carefully selected treatments that offer real solutions to address and correct a myriad of your concerns.

Our range of treatments not only promotes a very deep sense of relaxation but a quality of service that performed in comfortable and soothing surroundings.




I have been receiving massage for 40 years (and worked as a massage therapist for 15 years). It is my primary "healing strategy"; it is the most powerful practice I know for restoration, connection, coming home to self. Emma Guthrie is a master. She uniquely combines intuition with intellect; sensing with skill; she has an extraordinary understanding of the body as a bio-system and as an energy field. I know of no other bodyworker who can offer this deep space for healing and connection.


Amber G


Emma is a fabulous massage therapist and all round divine woman. She really puts her heart into her work and gives you 100% of her focus during the treatment. It's not often you truly feel nurtured by a therapist these days but you do with Emma. She's very intuitive as to what your body needs and can tailor the treatment to suit. Her packages are blissful. I've sent many people to her, several of whom are now long-term clients.


Amanda B



I’ve been seeing Emma for massage for a couple of years, her ability to find spots of tension and release is always amazing, I use massage to help recovery from sport, gym training, and being tied to a desk at work. Emma never fails to release those sore spots and reduce stiffness. Emma is often studying a variety of disciplines to build on and advance her techniques

She has a kindness and generosity of spirit that really comes through in her practice. I can’t recommend Emma enough!



Kirsten S


Time spent with Emma is a beautiful mix of healing and relaxation. Emma has been my therapist for over 10 years and her treatments are simply amazing; I walk away with both my body and my soul soothed. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Leonie D


Emma has a gift for healing. She is extremely talented and unfailingly professional. As a long-standing client, I've had many different styles of massage with her. I am always fully confident in her capable hands as she instinctively knows just the right treatment for me each time.


Louise W



Emma is hands down the best masseuse I have been to, not just because she gives a fantastic massage but also because of her passion and enthusiasm with regard to the well-being of her clients. I have seen Emma at times when I have been physically and emotionally spent and afterward, without exception, felt so much better. She is not only a wonderful massage therapist and healer but a lovely, empathetic person to boot. I highly and unreservedly recommend Emma.


Mark B.



Emma Guthrie is an excellent multi-disciplined masseuse who utilizes a variety of techniques and skills to provide a most relaxing and healing massage. I have received her services regularly over a 2-3 year period and I am still yet to find a better masseuse. I highly commend and would recommend her services for the quality of her intuitive skills, her deep tissue massage technique and for her remarkable healing abilities and kind nature


Ra A


Emma is quite simply the best masseuse - in terms of the range of technique, intuitive insight, enjoyability and even occasional breakthrough moments and emotional releases that I had not previously thought possible on a massage table - I have ever encountered. I have been lucky enough to sample the skills of many all around the world including California and top Spas and have yet to find anyone who offers the depth and quality this beautiful soul brings. Highly recommended!


Will P