A combination of lymphatic drainage techniques, remedial & shiatsu massage & energy healing is tailored perfectly to suit the needs of your body & what you would like to create through this very unique treatment. This healing & contouring massage combats fluid retention, stress & elemental hormonal change within the body.

60 minutes $150 or 90 minutes $210



This healing massage therapy is completely attuned to the needs of your body on the day of your treatment. Different massage & healing techniques of vibrational, sound crystals, or energy healing may be used depending on what is needed especially for you.

60 minutes $150 or 90 minutes $210



Allow your mind to soften as the soothing sounds of the Tibetian singing bowls are played around & on your body, while warm infused relaxation oil is drizzled and then massaged in soft to medium pressure in an ultra-slow, rhythmic style to allow your senses to heighten while letting go & surrendering to all that is no longer serving you.

Channeled energy may be applied at this time to take your experience to a whole new level.

This beautiful & very nurturing healing treatment is perfect for those feeling completely burnt out at this time, or feeling overstressed, or going through some emotional trauma.

Also a lovely gift idea for someone special...

60 minutes $150 or 90 minutes $210



Blissful GETAWAY

A Tibetan singing bowl is placed on your heart chakra, as you are gently guided to fall into deep relaxation before enjoying the sensations of the organic Australian botanical range to completely nourish & restore your skin with a double cleanse, gem essential oil toner, exfoliation, Kakadu facial oil massage, mask {with your choice of arms & hands or feet massage) eye cream & face moisturizer. 

Guaranteed to have you completely floating out the door.

60 minutes $159 or 90 minutes $220


Bringing your two favorites therapies together, a massage followed by a organic facial.

60 minutes $159 or 90 minutes $220


A beautiful combination package of facial & healing techniques. A smudging ceremony to begin your journey to clear & ground your energies, the Tibetan singing bowl is placed on your heart chakra, while earth stones from the power vortices around Australia and placed intuitively around your body with channeled energy.

Followed by your organic Australian botanical facial range to include a double cleanse, tone, exfoliate, Kakadu facial massage with the Gua Sha lymphatic tool, mask, ( with your choice of hand & arms feet, stomach or head massage ) eye cream & nourishing facial moisturizer.


Soul dreaming is a profound deep healing facial & body experience, that will completely realign & balance all of your chakras.

90 minutes $250 or 120 minutes $310


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