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Enjoy your own unique spa experience at home with these beautiful product ranges that were handpicked for their natural luxury quality, high potency, active age-defying ingredients & high concentration of antioxidants & vitamins in an Australian Botanical Healing Range.



Retreatment Botanicals are an award-winning Botanical Organic treatment Range, from Australias No#1 Health Spa Retreat GAIA”

Located & made in the Bryon Hinterlands NSW, Retreatment Botanicals are winners of countless Beauty Shortlist Awards.

The divine Aspar oils are locally made right here in Melbourne sourced from the gorgeous Aurora St Kilda day spa.  

Hand Made neck heat packs were, specially made to fit & sit snugly on your neck without falling off if you wanted to go walk around the house. Made with a whole lot of love from Trentham Victoria.

All products are made cruelty-free to all living animals. 

Rose Quartz, clusters & Gua Sha lymphatic healing tool promotes compassion & self-love.

The Gua Sha tool has been around for centuries & is known in the East as the natural Botox tool.

This therapy uses traditional lymphatic drainage techniques to diminish fluid buildup & toxins. And is a gentle & nurturing way to diminish fine lines, brighten your complexion & rejoice puffiness.

Sacred sage or dried herbs have been used for centuries, in churches, temples & mosques to clear off bad spirits & energies while purifying people's bodies entering the places of worship.

This beautiful practice can be used to clear your own homes, in times of stress, emotional loss & moving into a new house.

Burning sacred sage herbs clears all of your energies channel while purifying the body a perfect compliment for before or after your meditation, yoga, or massage therapy, or a beautiful way to cleanse your day with your daily skincare ritual routine.


Simply set alight a burn a few leaves, blow out and run the smoke around your body, this can be done in the morning, to cleanse & clear to start your day afresh or of an evening to release & let go of the day. 

Mooney bag heat packs are hand made locally in Victoria & were traditionally made for pregnancy to fit around the belly, but I found these gorgeous heat packs fit snugly around your neck which allowed you to walk around then house without your heat pack falling off. This is the perfect accomplement for tight and tired muscles. Simply apply the heat pack to the affected area & once cooled do some gently stretching with the breath. 

Aspar Oils made locally from the beautiful spa Aurora down the road in St Kilda, the two oils are simply divine. Using only the finest of oils the combinations are breath taking while your skin feel completely nourished.

Apply your oils after showering or using the relaxation oil as your face oils & Gua Sha to truly see yourself complexly glow.

Coconut Candles these beautiful candle's have been a year in the making, made locally upstairs in the Green Room Florist, Albert Park.

Made with coconut & soy candle wax with different herbs, crystals essential & fragrance oils.


These candles are made with a lot of love, care & devotion.


They are completely unique, no two are the same, being hand pored & individually crafted, these candle's are made for you to bring in your own self care ritual at home, to help manifest your dreams or to help you let go of things that are no longer are serve you in this moment.


Each candle come's with your own description card, on how to use your candle & candle some candle care instructions to get the most out of your candle experience.


These candles with burn for 55+ hours

Once done you can you can use your bowl as a smoothie or buddha bowl.



More photo's coming soon 



   Each pack comes with your own ritual card with details about your products & how you can use them to create your own spa experience at home. If you would like something more unique or custom-made, just let me know as I can pretty much tailor any experience for your needs.

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